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Why Start a Home Based Network Marketing Business

So…You Want To Start A Network Marketing Home-Based Business, Huh?

Why do we get involved in this crazy business of Network Marketing…also commonly referred to as Direct Sales or MLM (Multi Level Marketing)? The answer is simple…because we want to have complete control of our lives! Both personally and financially. We would rather do what we want when we want to rather than be tied to a desk or office every day. We’d rather be with our families spending quality time together. It’s easy and inexpensive to start a network marketing business so why not, right? There’s a ton of MLM businesses telling you how you can make a ridiculous amount of money and you only have to work 10 minutes a day. Wow!

The idea of starting a network marketing business is great but, unfortunately most people who get involved don’t make any money. There’s a 95-97% failure rate, according to industry statistics. This helps to give the industry a bad name. People who fail blame their lack of success on the company they join…they call the industry or their company a “scam”…and they quit. And then the tell their friends about their bad experience.

The truth of the matter is that network marketing is a legitimate industry (not all businesses in network marketing are legitimate so you do need to do your due diligence) currently endorsed by such giants of industry as Donald Trump and Warren Buffet among others. It’s a business where the “average” person can create massive wealth in a relatively short period of time and become self-employed without incurring all of the start-up costs associated with starting a business such as a franchise, restaurant, bar, etc.

Network Marketing, as we know it today, has changed. The days of bugging people in shopping malls, putting fliers on cars, annoying your friends and family, and going to rah-rah meetings in hotel conference rooms are gone, thankfully. Enter the internet. If you own a computer you can be in business!

Now, in our current economy, there are a lot of people looking for a way to either make additional income from home to help them just get by, or to replace a salary due to job loss, or to supplement their retirement income. I’ve heard upwards of 1,000,000 people per month are searching to start a business online. That’s a lot of people! The sad part is that most of them will fail. They will fail primarily due to lack of effort – they are either lazy or they expend their effort in the wrong places because they don’t know any better. An unfortunate truth is that most adults do not continue to educate themselves throughout their lives. You know the saying…”You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” (luckily this isn’t true)!

To be successful in online network marketing, it is imperative to educate yourself about marketing. Most people can network to a certain degree, but most people do not know how to market. People are not born with an innate knowledge of website optimization, generating free leads from Google, how to run an effective Pay Per Click campaign, how to build an opt-in list, etc. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even know what these terms mean if you are not already doing internet marketing! Our kids’ kids may be born with this knowledge but we weren’t!

You also have to be ready to work. Yup…I said a bad 4 letter word! Both in acquiring knowledge and in marketing your business. You need to learn how to market effectively and then you need to apply your knowledge. The idea of making gads of money with no effort “on auto-pilot” in just a few minutes a day is a myth. The idea of making money without recruiting (just from spillover in matrix programs) is also hogwash. At some point, your business can virtually be put on auto-pilot but not when you are starting out and don’t have a proven system in place.

You will need to recruit other network marketers into your business consistently by generating a daily flow of home based business leads…and you will need to work to keep them motivated and help to ensure their success so they remain in your business. You also need to ensure that they are using the same system you are to ensure duplicatable results. This is the challenge.

Running a successful home based network marketing business may be the perfect option for you if you have an entrepreneurial drive and are willing to both learn and work. Just be sure to not believe the marketing hype of some companies and partner with a mentor who can help you every step of the way. This is one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of starting a home-based business.

What Is Your Biggest Fear to Start Network Marketing Business?

Network marketing business is the perfect business model for the 21st century as recommended by Robert T Kiyosaki and Donald Trump in his latest book, The Business of the 21st Century. The advantages that I see in direct selling business is low investment business, training and the power of leverage and teamwork. If you have zero business skills, network marketing is the great place to learn about building a business at low investment. If you build a business on your own efforts, you will need to hire a business mentor, coach or consultant and not to mention the capital cost and the administration works. Why people have fear to start network marketing business? Here are some reasons for the biggest fear that stop people from starting the business.

1. Fear of Being Scammed

If you have thoughts of being scammed online, you never get into the business. Network marketing business that has tangible products are not a scam business. Do the research that the business is solid, in growth phase and perhaps you know the founder behind the direct selling company. The most important is you join the network marketing team and upline that care about you and your success.

2. Fear of Marketing, No Skills

People have seen hard-line HITLER marketers in direct selling business. They told me that they had fear of selling. What kind of business on earth that doesn’t involve marketing? What we can do is to learn and to improve communication skills. I’m learning tricks and tips on how to answer the most common objections that people have in mind. You can use social media marketing and learn attraction marketing technique so you will be a likeable attractive marketer.

3. Too Expensive, No Money

Every day you spend money. You are likely to spend $4-10 a day without giving much thought. What if you can redirect this little amount every day for your investment in direct selling business. You know that this business is the most rewarding business. What kind of business that can give you multifold returns in the long-term if you keep investing $ 100-200 per month? What do yo mean by expensive? If you see the product values and you compare them with products from supermarkets or pharmacies, it is true they are slightly more expensive, but qualities are different. See the business values and what you get in returns from your investment. Do you get the marketing system, marketing resources and training from the direct selling company for your own marketing purpose?

4. No Time to Do The Business, Too Busy

The ultimate goal to do network marketing is TIME FREEDOM. If you’re too bus right now, do you have a plan to change your situation? Would you spare five to ten hours per day to do your so you can change your situation in the future?

Only you know the answer. Will you change your current situation? Will you learn to overcome your fear in network marketing and to take courage to learn the business? There’s no reason of being fearful if you are willing to learn the skills. You are not only learning the skills but you develop yourself to be a better person with better financial situation.